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Philippos Philosophy

Respecting Greek olive oil tradition

At PHILIPPOS HELLENIC GOODS, we endorse the local goods, the products of the warm sun, the salty sea breeze, the rich soil that honest hands have worked on, through time. Reminiscent of the past we wish to bring forward the Greek rural traditions back to light.

Delivering top quality to the customer is our mission. OnIy the best is picked from each year’s production of the land, processed under careful supervision, respecting the traditional ways and stored under optimal conditions, to preserve all precious nutrients, in an environment where everybody shares the idea that a is the result of loving what you do.

Priority on social matters

We pay particular attention to “equitable social relations” starting at the very top. Over the years we have met with numerous farmers in the process of looking for the best olive and have become aware of the market conditions and hardships they deal with. The marketing competition today, is often based solely on the price. It is our policy to acknowledge that the farmer is treated fairly and with the utmost respect.

We do our part providing positive working conditions: adequate salary and security, plus we focus on giving our employees the opportunity to participate in our business training and education plan. We believe that this is particularly beneficial to our customer too, since only in positive, motivated settings can you produce excellence.


The same philosophy we apply to our own premises. We maintain a very close ecological relation with the environment. Our buildings and machinery are energy saving and compatible from an aesthetic point of view to our surrounding area.

We took on this challenge during relatively hard economic times in Greece being fully aware that this requires hard work and persistence. But we really believe that it is worth it because Greece is worthy of developing its potential value in a wide range of resources.

Strict specification policy

PHILIPPOS HELLENIC GOODS is in strict observance of the national and European laws and regulations. We follow diligently the specifications in thermal insulation of the buildings and the machinery. All technical equipment and installations are thoroughly checked and maintained on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

I personally involve myself as the founder and manager of the Company and ensure that it functions in compliance with Philippo’s philosophy.

Philippe Poli