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2017 resolutions: number one priority: Project Myself

January 10th at 12:00am

The holidays are over and so are festive meals and who has not exaggerated at least once? Well, at least it was worth it. As a result, we are a bit out of it and weighed down by a few more pounds. 
According to Brian Wansink of Cornell University (NY), January 3rd is the day of the year when according to the scale we are the heaviest. Blame it on cocktails and dinner. But even worse, according to Wansink and his team, it will take months to return to our ideal weight. Don't despair and don't wait for the moment of truth when trying on your swimsuit.

A lesson that came from afar

Hippocrates the father of medicine, in ancient Greece recommended a healthy diet and exercise. It is the pattern for healing yourself which integrates with consuming good food and keeping fit. It's the secret to a rapid balance regain and it is necessary for wellbeing. This is the important project for the new year.
But where to start?

Priority: love yourself

Not suggesting vanity or ego, take care of yourself, give priority to you to attain a healthy body and a clear state of mind. This will lead to a better connection with yourself and other people.
To begin with, another research shows the correlation between the urge to move and the levels of dopamine, the neurotransmitter responsible for many functions of the human body such as motivation. Being inactive and indulging in festive meals decreases the levels of dopamine and will make people idle. Inactivity diminishes your will to move and leads to weight gain. A vicious cycle that needs to be broken.
To beat this, we start by activating ourselves and eating right.
Everybody knows that, but it doesn't seem so easy to do. You may think that there is a lot you have to give up but is it really so?

Is looking after yourself an actual sacrifice?

No, it isn't. All you have to do is try. Starting with a balanced diet of natural food, fruit, nuts, cereals, vegetables, legumes adding spices and Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a plus, not a sacrifice. This means eating great, feeling satisfied yet light and full of energy.
These are confirmed benefits of a good diet. The proof is everyone who has switched to this lifestyle will never go back. For more information read "The Mediterranean diet, a way of life."

Exercice and EVOO: be fit in 2017

This project can be accomplished.
Everyone can by following the Mediterranean Diet. In our pages, you will find personal care, easy to follow tips, flavorful recipes, and advice. Our products will amaze you with their goodness and quality.

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