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The cold weather is here, it is in the air

December 2nd at 12:00am

The cold weather has arrived, winter is just around the corner, in the air there is the feeling of Christmas.
It's the right time for apéritifs, dinner and toasting with good friends and family.
But it is also time for the first colds and the need to slow down.
What we need is good memories from the warm summer nights eating outdoors, enjoying long holidays far from stress and noise, savoring the intense Mediterranean flavours.
This is the time that we feel nostalgia for the summer, to relive the excitement of the carefree holidays, to awaken the senses, just for a while more.
Is the memory of the aromas, the sun, the scents, the restful days, enough for us to feel good? Everything certainly helps, but it takes more. It is a well-known fact that most of the food we eat in summer contains nutrients that are essential for our well-being. For example some garden vegetables such as succulent tomatoes are in their prime and rich in nutrients only in summer. Others, on the other hand, retain their nutritional value all year round. In winter as well as being delicious they boost our health and lift our spirits.

Remedies that fight fatigue and nostalgia and are both good and nutritious

Pistachios, for example are first in line not by chance but in fact they are known to stimulate serotonin, the happy hormone.
Olives, with so many nutritional properties to boost our energy levels to the top.
Also, the aromatic herbs, rich in vitamins and mineral salts; such as oregano, a real natural supplement.
And of course the extra virgin olive oil, whose countless qualities are very well known.
Pistachios, olives, bruschetta are the natural products that add a Mediterranean touch to the common apéritif. Served together with classic meze seasoned with extra virgin olive oil  make for the total Greek apéritif. 
Discover olives and pistachios among our Foodies and choose EVOO to enjoy your festivities.
Awakening the senses, finding summer, all year round with Mediterranean flavors is easier than you think and you can do this directly from the comfort of your home.
Discover Greece of flavors and quality. Checkmate to nostalgia.