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Summer nostalgia in box

July 25th at 12:00am

This is Elafonisi, a small island known for its pink sand beaches, in the southwestern part of Crete. The crystal clear warm waters, the serenity, the sunlight. Everything we enjoy when we are in Greece, we miss when we are away and is our invitation to return.
Yes, I am talking about actual nostalgia. It is of no coincidence that the term nostalgia comes from the ancient Greek word Nostos, referring to Ulysses longing for Ithaka, coming back to the homeland. Nostos entails the travel. It is the reaching upon familiar shores, reconnecting with the comfort of the hearth.

The memory

Childhood memories take me back to the time when, with my family, we spent summer touring the Greek islands. As all children always hungry after a swim, attracted by the smell of freshly baked bread, we couldn't wait to dip it in a plate of tomatoes, olives, and feta cheese, drizzled with olive oil. This is how I started to appreciate the simplicity and flavours of this country. As an adult, the memory of this feeling that enchanted me then, triggered the desire to relive it again. It is the longing for a certain smell, a taste leaving such a strong impression that I wish for it to return. It is also what actually motivated me to work in the field of food in Greece.

The place to be

The sea, the sun, the pleasure of sitting in a small taverna. This is the place to be for so many people from all corners of the world, especially in summer. This time is difficult for many travellers, whose plans are to enjoy their holidays in Greece.
The next best thing to being there is through the taste sensations. This is why we  decided to offer, at a special price, the unforgettable tastes of a Greek summer in box. Visit the shop.

Philippe Poli 

Philippe Hellenic Goods founder