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Fasting is not for everyone. Eating well is  

May 1st at 12:00am

Fasting is not for everyone. Eating well is   

Spring is the time of rebirth. The word used in many languages to name this season, expresses the meaning of a yearning and a new birth
In Eurasian languages for example, it contains the Sanskrit root Vas- meaning shine and burn that is recognized in many languages (primavera, primtemps, примавера, vår, ...). Spring is expressed with an ideogram in Chinese and Japanese, formed 春 by sprout 屯 and 日 sun. In English, spring comes from Sanskrit sprhayati meaning desires eagerly. The Greek άνοιξη is to open. It is the rebirth of nature acknowledged in many traditions and symbols, for example the egg.
Rebirth is introduced in Christianity with Easter, the resurrection that represents a new chance. For many, it is a time of fasting that leads to Easter Sunday. There is a lot of talk about this because of its beneficial effects, confirmed by much scientific research. But let's face it: if fasting is not for everyone and even strict diets are not, eating well is simpler, cheaper and healthier than we think.

Energy for the restart

We need the energy to restart. But restarting has to be a positive thing that doesn't have to deprive us of any pleasure, since we can make choices that give us pleasure. So instead of thinking about what we have to give up, let's think about the good things we can eat. And let's do it with the image in mind of a natural and relaxing landscape, of food that attracts us for its colours and fresh scents. Let's look for the intensity of aromas in dishes cooked in a natural way that respects the nutritional food value. This way it will reward and support us with energy to face the new season.

To do oneself good is to love oneself

Easy to say, but what does it mean to like and do well for yourself? For a moment, let's think about it.
It all starts in the mind and continues when we do our shopping. Let's start with our grocery list. Are vegetables and salads that are so healthy, really difficult to clean? It depends. From the market today, they come rinsed, causing a minimum mess in your kitchen. Preparing them is fast and easy. 

Adopt some simple, easy tricks

But where do I find the time? Let's ask Sara, who takes the kids to school and daycare in the morning and rushes to work afterwards

How do you get everywhere and feed them in a healthy way? «It's simple» she says, «I don't wait until lunchtime to start thinking about what to cook. I can streamline time by starting much earlier. I first put vegetables and salads in water while doing other things, which is super convenient if I'm working from home or cleaning, but also before I leave for work. Even if I want to cook legumes so rich in protein, chickpeas, lentils, beans, or rich grains, such as barley, spelt, I choose the dry ones, they cost less and do not contain condiments nor additives. To use in the evening, for example, I soak them in the morning. They are so easy, they cook themselves; with enough water and a timer that turns off the stove, I can even cook them while I'm at work. So many things can be prepared in advance. Result: I waste little time, I spend less, and we eat better.»

Nikos thinks the same way; 2 days he's at home working and two days he's in the office.
«When I'm working at home and I take a break, I go to the kitchen and start preparing lunch or dinner. For example, I clean and chop vegetables or prepare a sautéed, or if something needs to cook for a long time, I put it early on low. That's how I get a moment to "disconnect" and relax. At mealtime everything is ready in no time, and I can take a moment to spend with the children. Everyone believes that instead of working I cook, but at work they know that's not the case.»

Making it hard to go back

Commitment and care to what we put on the plate, makes even more sense if the ingredients we use are all quality. That's what we do at Philippos. We offer products that like a touch of magic, transform your fresh, healthy dish into something sublime.
For the ancient Greeks Extra Virgin Olive Oil was gold, used as a bargaining chip, the prize for a winner. We select the best treasures of Greece and that is why our customers are what marketing calls "returning customers".
Because when you start using a good Extra Virgin Olive Oil, it's hard to go back.