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A bit of Greece in my house!

July 7th at 12:00am

"Finally, at the end of the holidays I can take home a bit of Greece, something that will make me savor the scent of the sea, the mild weather, the light, the warm and dry wind", said Laura, one of the first customers of the new Philippos shop that opened recently on the island of Aegina.

Come to Aegina and discover the treasures of Greece

The ancient temple of Afea dominates the island, which is rich in culture and spirituality. It is one of the best preserved in the whole of Greece. The Column of Apollo temple overlooking the port, the monastery of Agios Nectarios visited by Orthodox Christians from around the world and also more hidden gems such as Mount Oros with the remains of the temple of Zeus, Paleachora, the old capital with 38 remaining medieval churches, the Kapralos Museum in the house of one of the greatest artists of the 20th century, the endless sea ... and breathtaking views.
The town of Aegina with its narrow port streets, the simple houses that flank neoclassical buildings, the fish market, surrounded by small bars and taverns emerge the visitor into the traditions still very much alive on the island.
In a quiet corner 20 meters from the sea and behind the fish market, you cannot miss the Philippos shop; standing by the sea in front of the fish market walk through it, turn left, it is a few steps away.

Nature and simplicity

A simple and natural atmosphere has welcomed Laura and welcomes other visitors, too. Olivier, a Parisian good food lover, who wants to eat light, especially at lunch, said: "Fabuleux, here you feel you're choosing something good and healthy; it satisfies my palate and keeps me active.
The minimal style, the arrangement of the products, friendliness and professional service, the prices in clear sight. This is the identity of Philippos shop.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Kalamon Olives, Aegina Pistachios

A good opportunity to learn the secrets of these precious products of the earth, acquaint yourself with recognizing quality and how to maintain it, receive valuable advice on how to best use them at the table and in the kitchen.
Philippos shop, Irioti 37 Aegina, fulfills the desire to be there in Aegina, where PHILIPPOS HELLENIC GOODS since 2013 selects and distributes products grown and prepared exclusively in Greece and puts them on the international food market.
Philippos shop in Aegina, in the center of town, is a small store to meet with customers, hear their feedback and satisfy their desire to take away some of those treasures that nature gives us from this incredible land.
With Philippos shop, watch, experience, talk. Perhaps you will choose to buy small packages to taste or to give as a gift, or you will decide to receive them directly at your home, promptly on your return.  Extra virgin olive oil, organic and conventional, Kalamon olives, Aegina pistachios, will let you enjoy the climate and the feeling of Greece for a long time to come.

The shop in your home

And if this year you just can't make it to Greece ..., a visit to the online shop of our site will take you here. Surfing through its pages will introduce you to the company's principles and how quality is a top priority for Philippos Hellenic Goods.
You can write to us to inquire through chat or email. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
We look forward to meeting you in person and online.