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CLASSIC XL – 3 litre tin

Extra Virgin Olive Oil selected and handled with personal care. 

  • Intense fruity flavour and almond aftertaste
  • Perfectly balanced blend
  • High in healthy nutritional component

Here you can discover PHILIPPOS Classic characteristics.

Convenient 3 litre can

You can easily refill your kitchen top bottles with PHILIPPOS CLASSIC with our complimentary opener spout. It is our way of providing our customers with the best quality oil in an attractive presentation, at a sensible price.



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ORGANIC XL – 3L Tin An Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with intense fruity taste and grand flavour for the devotee of the organic product, selected from the finest olive grove regions. Convenient 3 litre can You can easily refill your kitchen top bottles with PHILIPPOS ORGANIC, with our complimentary opener spout. It is our way of providing our customers with the best quality oil in an attractive presentation, at a sensible price. Taste and aroma PHILIPPOS ORGANIC has the intense aroma of the fresh cut fruit, and it is pungent enough to give the sensation of being in an olive grove at the start of crop year, indulging in the aroma of olives still on the tree. With this in mind, we took extra care to make available PHILIPPOS ORGANIC, an olive oil that can satisfy even the most demanding palate. Every precious drop of this olive oil is the gift ofthe Mediterranean diet and accentuates the flavour of every dish. For delectable recipes go to our Cooking corner. ... it begins with the farmer The fabulous green olive colour reflects the wisdom and the devotion of the farmer in achieving the quality we are looking for. The selection and the support of individual olive farmers applying the best practices of the organic agriculture, make the quality and the taste of this product possible. We pride ourselves in producing this olive oil, which combines the savoury taste requested by our demanding clientele with exceptional respect to the environment. Eco-friendly attractive packaging PHILIPPOS ORGANIC olive is packaged in recycled earth coloured cartons. The simplicity of the sturdy bottle is what makes it so attractive. It matches your kitchen top and dinner table but most important, it can be refilled over and over and enjoyed. It is a great idea for a present to your friends or as a company gift. When you check our on line shop, you will see that you have the option to combine any of our products to suit your taste. Should you have any personal demands do not hesitate to contact us, and we will personally see to your request. In the section of recipes, you will find healthy and delicious ideas for savoury meals and tips on how to cook with olive oil and put your personal touch to any dish. Choice of presentation PHILIPPOS HELLENIC GOODS carries the best quality Greek olive oil and delivers it to your home. Choose from three different olive oils: Extra Virgin ORGANIC, Extra Virgin DELICATE, and Extra Virgin CLASSIC.They are available in refillable convenient tabletop bottles and three 3 litre cans.
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CLASSIC Combo – 500ml glass bottle + 3L tin PHILIPPOS CLASSIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes with an intense fruity flavour, a slight trace of bitterness reflecting the stage of maturity of the olives, pungent enough to confirm its natural characteristics, reminiscent of a just extracted fruit freshness. The pleasant almond aftertaste is distinctive of PHILIPPOS CLASSIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Ideal Combo: bottle and 3 litre can This combination fully represents the PHILIPPOS concept of refilling the attractive bottle with our top quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the 3 litre can. We provide the complementary opener spout for easy refill. Perfectly balanced blend The olives were cultivated under the hot sun of Laconia in Peloponnese, Chania and Sitia in Crete. The characteristic taste and gusto of this product result from a balanced proportion in blending to satisfy the most demanding palate that enjoys intense flavour. The most important quality of this product is how it perfectly combines the olives from these different regions as to obtain the flavour, the taste and the intense texture sensations specific to this oil. High standards technology for high quality The fresh taste with a touch of bitterness from this Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also distinctive from the warm olive green colour, which during the future months will be slowly turning to its natural dark yellow. With technology advancing, we have managed to establish and ensure proper storage conditions to preserve this process. Versatile for all your recipes It is the basic ingredient for all your cooking and serving needs. It especially brings out the taste in Mediterranean sauces, in steamed vegetables, fresh salads, it is perfect for pasta, legumes, wheat, and casserole dishes. It is so tasty and pure you can just dip your bread and take in all the zest and aroma. To find ideas for delectable recipes go to our Cooking corner. If you are watching calories, remember that Extra Virgin Olive Oil contributes to healthy weight loss as shown in our Nutrition section. Elegant packaging PHILIPPOS CLASSIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes in an elegant packaging that matches its superior quality: it is earthly and simple but at the same time exquisite in presentation as its superb taste. The half litre bottle especially designed for PHILIPPOS HELLENIC GOODS is engraved with the brand name. It is ideal to have on the table for everyday meals and special events. Since it is available in a stylish box, it will be appreciated as a present to your friends, and it is ideal as a company gift. When you check our on line shop, you will see that you can also combine different products according to your taste. For any special order do not hesitate to contact us. A company representative is there to cater to your personalized request. Once you hold a PHILIPPOS Extra Virgin Olive Oil bottle in your hand, you will realize the reason we have made our bottles refillable. It is so refined that you can not part with it and it is worth having in your home on your table at meal times. We pride ourselves in using recyclable and reusable boxes and materials. A variety of presentations PHILIPPOS HELLENIC GOODS produces three different Extra Virgin Olive Oils of superb taste and top quality: CLASSIC, DELICATE, and ORGANIC. Under careful supervision, they are delivered to your home in tabletop refillable bottles, and in 3 litre cans.
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