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Aegina Pistachios Salted

Aegina Pistachios Salted


Aegina Pistachios PDO Salted – 250g

Currently expecting the new crop in September.
Aegina pistachios PDO are Protected Designation of Origin, certified. 

Pistacia vera has been cultivated in Aegina since the middle of the 19th century and it received the designation of origin in 1994. Due to their delicious and delicate flavour, they are chosen by gourmets from all over Greece. Since Aegina pistachios are difficult to find elsewhere, it is very common for people to visit  the island specifically to buy them.

Philippos Hellenic Goods offers Aegina pistachios PDO in the Premium gourmet box, containing 5 packs of 50 g to ensure freshness. They have the right balance in salt, accentuating the delicate taste without covering it.


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